Knowing and looking after Vagina`s & Vulva`s i.e your V`s.

Questions that has constantly bothered us about vagina & vulva.

Am I clean enough?

Do my V`s smell ?

Currently we are inundated with varied range of feminine “hygiene” products ( i would rather call it “health”), it seems like a part of beauty industry that promises to make your nether ends smell like a spring garden.

The burning question is : Do we really need these products?

To answer the question we need to know a few basics:” know the V`s

Vagina : is a muscular stretchable tube which connects the cervix (neck of the womb) to the outside where it is covered by lips called labia.

Vulva : is the outside part, which includes the clitoral hood at the top and labia on the either side.

Vagina has its own pH, friendly bacteria`s and secretions coming from the cervix that cleans it regularly. Therefore no need for washes/cleansers/douches to clean it. They tend to upset the natural balance,wash-out the friendly bacteria and make it susceptible to infection.

Picture is a rough depiction of the anatomy.Source :

So, what should we use to clean? and how?

It is the vulva “the outside part” that needs to be cleaned but gently with water (luke-warm) once a day whilst showering or more if required but always front to back not the other way round.

If at all you feel the need for using something else, then please use a mild non- fragrant soap only. Remember too much abrasive cleaning can lead to superficial trauma, dryness and infection.

What about the odour?

Vagina will always have an odour which changes during different times in a menstrual cycle and is completely normal. All fragranced /perfumed products that promise to make it smell like garden can actually cause more harm than good.Chemicals in these products cause irritation resulting in itching and dryness. It also masks the foul smell henceforth delaying visit to gynaecologist for treatment.

Right thing to do:

  • Avoid cleaning vagina. 
  • Clean the vulva only with water (mild unperfumed soap) front to back.(best is luke warm water) 
  • Similarly, can clean according to need when menstruating and after sex, avoid over cleaning. 
  • Pass urine after sex.(reduces incidence of urinary infection) 
  • If foul smell noted visit gynaecologist, don’t mask it with perfumed products. 

My Musings:

“i wonder if there are a load of  male hygiene  range of products in market?” There may be, few but not as many! 

Any way i don`t see a reason why should a women be bullied into using products that  are unneccessary and do more harm than good to her body. I personally don’t have a personal vendetta against feminine hygiene products but they are not indespensible.

I have an opinion which I have shared through “Gynaescape”

7 thoughts on “Knowing and looking after Vagina`s & Vulva`s i.e your V`s.

  1. I’ve never heard a man complain about how his testicles and surrounding area smell. It’s only women, who as you’ve aptly noted, are “bullied” into buying these products, only to our own detriment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I am glad at least some people agree to it, these products do more harm than good, they are a pocket pinch and their adverts increases a womens insecurity.


  2. Very enlightening , new trend of using different products for cleaning and smell etc .are not without risks specially when they are available over the counter and consumer is unaware of its ill- effects.

    Liked by 1 person

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