Sustainable periods: Lets make a pledge and show the way……

An average women menstruates for about 40yrs, disposable sanitary products are easy “use and throw” option that has been available in past for maintaining menstrual hygiene. All was well, as we all were under the impression that disposable products were “gods gift” for women to take care of their menstrual needs.

BUT- a problem of large magnitude is staring @us……

  • Disposable sanitary napkins (DSN) and tampons contain non – biodegradable products. It has been shown that one DSN may take 400 – 500 yrs to decompose.
  • We do not need statistics to understand that landfills are piling up with non – biodegradable menstrual waste, which are not going to decompose in our life time.
  • Most of us are unaware of the magnitude of the problem and negative impact of these non- biodegradable products on the environment.
  • Problem multiplies as there is dearth of knowledge regarding sustainable menstrual products and ofcourse the question of maintaining hygiene whilst using it.
  • Last and not the least the crucial question of expenses.

Hence the need for sustainable, reliable & affordable menstrual products.

Answer to the problem…………..

  • Use sustainable, biodegradable, compostable & reusable menstrual products made with bamboo, banana, cotton fibres which are hygienic and free of chemicals.
  • Social awareness about the negative environmental impact of using disposable non- biodegradable products.
  • Local government to encourage production of sustainable menstrual products by creating tax waivers, subsidy etc. so that they are available in market at affordable prices.
  • Promotion of such products by advertisements and campaigns at all levels to create community awareness.

So, menstruators “switch to” green options ! of menstrual products like………

  • Organic, biodegradable sanitary pads and tampons.
  • Cloth pads- reusable and hygienic provided they are washed, maintained and fully exposed to sunlight for drying.
  • Period panties – leakproof can be washed and dried and reused, can be also teamed up with conventional pads on heavy days.
  • Menstrual cups – reusable, hygienic, lasts years if hygienically cleaned and maintained right.

The future of sustainable menstruation now rests in the hands of menstruators, let the future be ” GREEN”. We should make a pledge for sustainable menstruation but never at the cost of hygiene and menstrual health.

image source : pexels-vanessa-ramirez

Choose sustainable! let that be the way of life.…..

One thought on “Sustainable periods: Lets make a pledge and show the way……

  1. I just saw an ad for reusable cloth pads in my IG feed. I’d heard of the cup before. I’m wondering if you’ve used any of these alternative products.


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