Perimenopause – the verdict is out ! “Change is inevitable”.

Perimenopause, the word literally means “around menopause” a life transition phase in a women marking, near end of her reproductive life to the begining of menopause. This transition is different for different women – A Smooth sailing ride into the golden glory of menopause An errie silence before the storm of menopause hits the sails […]

Sustainable periods: Lets make a pledge and show the way……

An average women menstruates for about 40yrs, disposable sanitary products are easy “use and throw” option that has been available in past for maintaining menstrual hygiene. All was well, as we all were under the impression that disposable products were “gods gift” for women to take care of their menstrual needs. BUT- a problem of […]

Female genital itching – Cause of extreme distress!

To tell the truth “Itching” is a symptom that causes a lot of discomfort & “genital itching” is the worst of all, as it involves a very sensitive area. In case of females it can involve vagina (inner tube) and vulva ( the outside part- outer lips and clitoris). What are the other possible symptoms? […]

Menstrual CRaaa…….mps @Times can be menstruators recurring nightmare

Once a lady had descibed her menstrual cramps as “imagine having a trailer of childbirth which reruns every month with vengeance” Menstrual cramps are one of the most commonly reported gynaecological complaints ranging from mild discomfort to a severe temporarily debilitating condition. Yet, it is underdiagnosed and undertreated, women have continued to endure the pain […]

Premenstrual syndrome aKa PMS.

“Ignorance is not always bliss” Premenstrual syndrome has been ignored since ages, it has long been the butt of sexiest joke where the whole thing has been crushed down to something as pathetic as a silly excuse for female irrational behaviour. Some even go to the extent of saying that it is “all in the […]

Vaginal discharge: Let`s tackle it, shall we!

Hello all, I am back with another topic ” Vaginal discharge”, most of us are rather shy talking about it and frankly speaking, find it ” Embarassing”. But contrary to the belief they are actually “Blessing in disguise“. Destigmatizing Vaginal discharge Image source: original photo by anna-nekrashevich, How so ? Well ! you need to […]